Katie and Riley Engaged!

This fantastic couple is tying the knot come January, and we got together last week for an Engagement session! And can I just mention how incredibly difficult it was for me to pick out a “small” number of pictures for this post? And yet–it’s still a doozy! I hope y’all make it through! 🙂

This top one was unplanned… And I love it.


The lighting was a little funky on this one, and yet–LOVE IT.

Riley kept requesting these…

Oh yeah… And he also requested lots of these…

Excellent jumpers. 🙂

Thanks you two! I had an absolute blast.

And to you readers–You made it! And hey–I switched out my watermark… What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Katie and Riley Engaged!

  1. Jason and Melanie Morales Family says:

    I agree that the new trademark is very elegant. But I think the other one was more you… I like them both!

  2. Jeffrey and Elise: says:

    You did such a great job…I need to hire you when we ever have a baby, but my favorite was them facing away walking down the road 🙂 Killer awesome@!

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