It’s Family Time!

The Morales family and I got together Labor Day weekend for a fantastic shoot. It was a blast, and really–who can go wrong with so many great looking ladies!?

The girls…

And mom!

And of course, the one and only brother–complete with wife and child. 🙂

I literally giggled out loud when I saw this one. The fact that we were able to get Leah (the 18-month-old) to stick her tongue out–AND catch it on camera–made my day!

A little candid moment that I love…

The ultimate brother…

Not amused…

I know, I know. I cheated. I usually only put one solo shot of each person in, but I couldn’t resist.

The ladies–complete with daughter/sister-in-law. I love this set. So much fun.

The end! Thanks so much Morali! 😉 I had a blast with you!

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