Aaron and April–Sealed for Time and All Eternity

Their grand entrance! The Mt. Timpanogos temple has a new exit for the newlyweds…

The adoring fans, as well as a little outfit malfunction…

I try to avoid posting the group pictures (because there are so many!), but I loved this one and couldn’t resist!

Ha. This one still makes me laugh. 🙂

And, of course… Ring shots! 🙂

I think they had practiced their dipping skills since the bridals… They’re old pros now. That’s what happens when you get married!


And the bouquet…

You two are fantastic! The best of luck to you both! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Aaron and April–Sealed for Time and All Eternity

  1. rachel b. says:

    How beautiful! I get wildly jealous when I see wedding pictures because my pictures are not really that great and I’m so jealous of people whose pictures are awesome. I’ve thought about just getting wedding photos done all over again–just stick Jeff in a suit and put on my dress again (at least I’d get to wear it more than once!) and hang out outside a temple. Maybe I will someday . . . do you do fake wedding pictures for me? 🙂

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