Nick and Rachel :: Hoping to Adopt!!

I can’t even begin to express how much my husband and I adore this couple! Ironically, they both grew up in my husband’s stake, but didn’t really meet each other until they were in the same student ward at BYU! Kirby and Nick were roomies, and Nick and Rachel got married just before Kirby and I met. We were so sad when they moved to Colorado for Nick to get his doctorate. So you can imagine how excited I was when they came to visit over Thanksgiving and asked me to take pictures of them for their adoption profile! SO FUN. For anyone who is interested to learn more, visit their BLOG!

GORGEOUS! Anyone in the market for a model? I know someone you can call! 😉

We figured that since the wind was blowing Rachel’s hair all dramatic-like, we needed a hardcore serious one…

I love how this last one turned out! Mountains, cranes, blue sky…

Thanks again, you two! Come back and visit again soon!! 🙂

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