We. Are. FamiLEE!

I’ve got all my brothers, sisters, and me.

Ok, so TECHNICALLY this was three years ago. All these hooligans came out to visit and see my second daughter, who was still in the NICU (and therefore not pictured.) Since then, we’ve added three grandchildren to the mix, and a brand new sister-in-law (coming June 27th! YAY!). But let’s be honest–this first shot is just too dang hilarious not to share. Thus, I give you… mi familia.

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My baby brother and sister were both heading out on missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a month or two after this, so we snapped a couple of them all gussied up.

0250 Don’t bother being jealous of this guy’s hops. He’s a high jumper. 0254 0263

:: The C Family ::

Man. Every time I post a family session, I find myself wanting to start the post with


Every time. True story. Look down a few posts, and you’ll see.


I’ve known Mark and Amy since they were newly married–Mark and my husband, Kirby, worked together while they were finishing their bachelors degrees at Brigham Young University. So when their little family came into town, I was borderline giddy to have the chance to photograph them!



 Gotta get some Father/Son and Mother/Daughter shots. ImageImage

This. Face.


 Love this shot of Mark and Amy!


 Yup. She’s gorgeous. Inside and Out.