Sometimes It’s Just Real Life :: The R Family

I adore this family. Not only is that beautiful woman my sister, but the kids are just adorable! And Mike’s not too bad either. 😉 We met this day just before a huge storm hit, so the lighting was particularly unusual, but a lot of fun. Downside to pre-storm clouds, though, is the wind. But we made it work! I got a lot of what I like to call “Real Life” pictures, which often end up being my favorites! They’re the last couple in the series. Enjoy! 🙂

Oops. Looks like I stuck this RealLife one (below)  in early! I love love love it.

Here’s Gregory trying to get Isaac to smile…

This one makes me laugh every time. Love it.

Here are the RealLife shots! First up, a classic: Mom with the goldfish crackers, and the two-year-old off doing their own thing…

RealLife: Sometimes wind decides to be part of the family.

RealLife: Hauling away the obstinate two-year-old.

RealLife: Sometimes that same obstinate two-year-old can look so cute and innocent in the very moment he’s being hauled away by his frustrated mother. Love it, though.

Thank you, R Family for spending the afternoon with me!

One thought on “Sometimes It’s Just Real Life :: The R Family

  1. Meagan says:

    Lauren! You constantly continue to blow me away with the FABULOUS quality of your work. (It also helps that I know and LOVE this family so I can see that you capture them to perfection!)

    These are PERFECT!

    Also, is it just me or does Isaac look a lot like Nila?

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