The *C* Family!

It’s so fun to see my clients grow up! Not to mention expand! This fantastic family went from three to four since I last saw them!






I love the tutus. That is something I will definitely be investing in for my little girl! πŸ™‚


And yes–this darling newborn really is as calm and easy-going as she looks in these pictures. An absolute breeze to work with!


I love how surprised she looks here!


Hahahah. The curious big sister. But mostly I love the diaper/tutu combo. πŸ™‚



And a funny one to end it… One thing I’ve found as I’ve photographed newborns is that you never really know what you are gonna get when it comes to their hands. You can try and position them, and sometimes they’re okay with it, and other times their hands are off limits! In this case, we got a gangstah thinking face–stroking the goatee… Yeah. You show em’ who’s boss! Love it.


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