Alan and Stephannie :: Engaged.

Okay, so in all honesty these two got married this morning, and I am filling my limbo time in between the sealing and reception by catching up on my blogging! I am so close! But nevertheless–check out this fantastic couple! We shot their engagement session at the botany pond just south of BYU and a couple up on campus. Alan and Stephanie met here, so the campus has a lot of special meaning to them!









We were so excited (okay, let’s be honest. Stephannie and I were excited) to get pictures with the blossoms! Unfortunately, there was a huge storm the day or two before, so the blossoms were all blown away. But there was this one tree (see below…)! It happened to be right on the staircase leading up to campus, which meant a lot of in-between-students picture taking, but it was totally worth it!




Thanks, you two! And congrats on your wedding today! The pictures are looking fantabulous so far, and I’ll see you tonight at the reception! 🙂

One thought on “Alan and Stephannie :: Engaged.

  1. Adriane says:

    Remember how I still get little jealous twinges every time I see an engagement/wedding shoot that you do? Yeah. It’s almost worth getting married again just so YOU can take my pictures. But I don’t think Mike would care for it 😉

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