Jenny and Brandon are Married!

Freshly married!

The reception was gorgeous. Beautiful colors, beautiful location, and beautiful people! Here are the bridesmaids!

And… the babies. I still laugh when I look at this one. And FYI for anyone interested–see those cute little girls on either side of Jenny? They’ll be coming up again in my next post. Yup–you should be excited. 🙂

Delicious food, too!

I think I want one of these. Yes. Yes I do.

The flowers were incredible! These happened to be on the cake, but the bouquets were incredible too! Was I jealous that each of the bridesmaids got their own smaller bouquet? Um… yes. Because I wanted one. 🙂

I love these. Even though it was dark, and a flash was necessary, the moment was priceless.

Yeah. The fountain was also fiberoptic. And I still want one. 🙂

The lovely table display…

And, of course, another ring picture. With such fantastic flowers, I couldn’t resist!

Congratulations again, you two!

2 thoughts on “Jenny and Brandon are Married!

  1. kristin says:

    So, I just have to say it – that is totally my dress and it looks a ton better on her! How funny is that? Whoever did her alterations was amazing! Great pics, as always!

  2. DEAN says:

    lauren, I love, love, love the one of them in the field in front of the temple, wow, you are good. also the Jacob family pictures are awesome.

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