Jenny and Brandon are Engaged!

Love is in the air! (Okay, I know that was cheesy, but I was struggling for anything better. Lame, I know…) I have been lucky to know these two fantastic people for several years now, and I am so excited for them! We got together to take some engagements about a week ago and it has just taken me awhile to get these up!

Smoochie Smoochie! These two didn’t hesitate to admit that these shots were their favorite to take…

I love this one. Brandon is pretty hardcore and Jenny is learning. 🙂 Super cute.

And yeah. Not exactly an engagement picture, but when Jenny jokingly put on Brandon’s hat that was stashed in the back of the jeep I loved it. So… basically I had her wear it for several more shots. 🙂

Jenny’s eyes are gorgeous. No offense, Brandon, but I think her eyes outscore yours on the “stunning” factor.

And, this one is definitely one of my favorites. I love the zig-zagging lines!

Thanks Jenny and Brandon! October 18th is coming up fast and I can’t wait! 🙂

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