Meet Laurel.

Isn’t she fabulous? Now let me tell you–if I look this good when my oldest is 21–BOO.YAH. Her hubby’s birthday is coming up (not to mention Valentine’s Day, which doubles as their anniversary!), and new pictures of her is her gift to him!

What a fantastic idea! Somethin’ for all y’all ladies to consider next time a special occasion rolls around! What more could your man want than a smokin’ hot picture of you for his office/den/bedroom/wherever!?

Anyhoo, because these are a gift, I have been patiently holding off from posting them–but I finally have to go-ahead to share them all with you! I have been SOOO antsy to get these up here! Enjoy! (Because I know you will…)

Are her eyes stunning or what!?

I’m don’t usually post too many black and whites, because I LOVE color so much, so there were so many of hers that I couldn’t decide on! So it’s about half and half this time… 🙂


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