Speaking of Babies…

My older sister just had her second boy about a month ago, and I got the chance to photograph her newborn! (Naturally I took the opportunity to snag some of her older boy, too…)

We started out by taking some in the studio. To keep “G” occupied, I showed him the “flashing lights”! My way of combining distraction with fun photo opportunities for me… 🙂

Doesn’t he look so serene here? Hahah. Don’t worry… We know better…




This is what he does when you tell him to smile. 🙂



Here we go! Little “I”… He loved that throw.




A day or so later we met up at my Mom’s for some natural light shots. We were planning to shoot some outside, but go figure–thunderstorm. But we made it work.


I love this shot on the piano bench. Love love love.


Check out his adorable little lips!


We thought it would be fun to try a couple shots of “I” surrounded by his ancestors. Thanks, mom, for letting us steal from the mantle! 🙂


This was actually an hour or two after the shoot. Little “I” liked this new throw of mine so much that we decided to let him finish his nap in it. I came back an hour or so later, and found this!


The thunderstorm eventually ended and I couldn’t resist taking “G” out for some puddle jumping!




This one (below) is one of those where I don’t really understand why I love it. Maybe it’s the bright colors… Maybe it’s how cool his hair looks. I dunno. I just like it!


The one umbrella shot of the day. 🙂 He wasn’t the biggest fan of holding the umbrella, let alone over his head. Oh well. I’m content with this shot. 🙂


Stay tuned! There will be more of these cuties to come! Once the newly-acquired goose eggs on “G”‘s forehead heal completely, we’ll be venturing out for a family portrait session! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Babies…

  1. meagan says:

    AAAAAHHHHHHH! I am even more in love with my nephews. I’ll battle Zach for proudest uncle any day (:

    p.s. Lauren I am continually amazed at how fabulous your photography skills are!

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