A Day with Goober-stink Chubby-calves

Yup. You read right. That is what we lovingly call my nephew. We figure that way, if he ever becomes a general authority he can be called Elder G. Stink Chubby-calves, Elder G.S. Chubby-calves, Goober S. Chubby-calves…. I mean seriously. The possibilities are endless. 🙂 Kirby and I got to spend a couple hours with G.S. while his parents went out to Ruby River Steakhouse for his mom’s birthday! YUM. During the course of our time with him, we ate cheetos, drank kool-aid, strut our stuff in super-swank sunglasses, and took pictures of each other. Well, his taking pictures of me consisted of me taking a picture of myself so he could see it in the LCD screen when it popped up afterwards… But here are some of my favorites! I used my new lens, and I love the depth of field!


When I first pulled out the camera G.S. decided to smile for me… This was the closest it actually got to looking happy… It originally looked somewhat-tortured. Yup. I busted up laughing.


Did I mention we played with all-things-electronic? 🙂


A little black and white–just to shake things up… 🙂


And yes. Couldn’t pass up the gorgeous day! Doesn’t he look so inspiring/inspired here? Insert Chariots of Fire theme song…


Well hey–thanks for looking! Keep an eye out! I’m working on three different sessions right now, with two more to come next week! Phew! Open the floodgates!

5 thoughts on “A Day with Goober-stink Chubby-calves

  1. meagan says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE these pics!!!! And I’m so excited for the day I see him at conference and say “I knew him when…” (:

  2. davisonphotography says:

    I used the Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. It’s Canon’s cheapest lens because they have replaced some of the metal components with plastic, but I love it! Just wait until you see my most recent bridal shoot! I shot exclusively with that lens and I am loving the results!!

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