Meet the W’s…

I met up with this fantastic family at Historic Wheeler Farms in Salt Lake. It was a beautiful location! The fearless ducks and geese made for a couple laughs…

They had the cutest little tricycle! I want one…

Aren’t his eyes AMAZING!?

This was a fantastic moment. Was I expecting her to bust up into a fit of giggles? Well… maybe. Okay, nope. Plus–bonus sun flare! Woohoo!

Yeah. It was a little chillier than any of us expected. We had a few moments of this… But his little teeth are just too cute!

Need a boost? What better than a dump truck to fill your needs!?

This was actually taken as we were leaving. He was all bundled up in his stroller, looking so disinterested in everything… I couldn’t help it. 🙂 And I love how it turned out.

Thanks so much, you guys! I loved getting to know you and experiencing Historic Wheeler Farms with you!

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