More Family Pictures

These are from the same trip as the post below, but this is Kirby’s sister Megan, her boyfriend Brad, and their adorable son Joey (a.k.a. “The Tank”). This kid is only about 6 months along, and he’s already wobbling along on those two little legs of his! Crazy.

So, at one point we pulled out the old copper-bottomed pan (obviously) and let the kid band away to his little heart’s content.

And then we plopped Brad’s (daddy’s) hat on the kid, and we got a mixed emotions overload! Adorably pathetic, gangstah, and chillin’ like a villain’. Whoodah thunk?

Special Thanks To:
Kirby–for being the main entertainment man.
Steve–for being the main grandpa entertainment man.
Yani–for being the main grandma entertainment… woman. 🙂

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