Little Evie

This session was SO much fun! Little Evie was so happy and loved the shaggy mat!

I am such a sucker for baby toes!

9 thoughts on “Little Evie

  1. Bea says:

    I’m just looking at these beautiful photos and I must say that you are a perfect photographer. All these pictures are beautiful! I wish I could learn to do this. You have a talent for this Lauren… but did you ever go to school to learn this as well?

  2. The Little E Family says:

    I love the photos! You are amazing!!! I need to get pics of Madelyn taken then I can put them on the blog!

  3. Lauren Davison says:

    Bea–I took some black and white photography in high school, but nothing digital. I just enjoy doing it mostly!

    And P.S. to all you ward sisters… I’m teaching an enrichment class on photography this coming Wednesday! It will be at 7:00 at my apartment:
    258 N. 200 E. #7 (Nelson Apartments) Come and play! 🙂

  4. beapinkal says:

    Yay that must be excited! I’ll be there! I would like to learn how to make good photoes. That is kind of a good job for a mom isn’t it?:)

  5. Melisa says:

    Lauren…i asked kirby i dont know..years ago(it seems like it was a long time ago lol)..if you could take pics of my family…but of course I was fat after the pregnancy so..I was wondering if you could still take pics of my little one?? we will be going to Utah the 12 of june. Do i need to make an appointment? let me know:D thanks!!

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