The Prom

Wow. Taking my brother’s prom group’s pictures really gave me a trip down memory lane. Unlike some people, I loved high school. I’m glad to be happily moved on and where I am today, but I really enjoyed that short period of my life. So seeing all these young’uns with their dates was so much fun.

My goal when I shoot prom pictures is to make the actual picture taking process as fun as possible. I remember waiting in line for dance pictures for multiple hours sometimes, and waiting in line was usually fun, but the actual picture taking–bleh.


So I decided to take a photo booth approach, and it was a huge hit this year, as it was last year. So without further ado… I give you Prom 2010.

(In the actual prints the students received it had “____ High School, Prom 2010”, but for the sake of Privacy, that has been removed from the images…)

Dancing the Night Away…

It’s not too often I get hired to do something other than weddings or portrait sessions, so when my good friend Dave Smith called me up to see if I could take some pictures at a dance he was DJing, I was thrilled! And a little intimidated–let’s be honest, here! Super low light, lots of movement… it would be a new experience for me! But I was crazy-excited to give it my best shot! It was quite the dance, too! It was all I could do to keep myself from dancing with the young’uns for a couple songs! If any of you are in the market for a DJ, check out Dave’s site! He’ll throw you a killer party!

This is my favorite shot from the night… I love the color and the energy!









And here’s the man himself! Thanks, Dave, for a fabulous experience! Again, check him out HERE!


“A Night to Remember…”

Yup. That was my little brother’s prom theme. I guess it is supposed to sound romantic? Meh. I got a fun and new opportunity back in April to take the pictures for his prom group! It was a lot of fun! Here are the finished products…







And here’s the whole group! We took a whole bunch of fun ones of the girls and guys, too. Fun times.