John and Cassi :: Married!

We really lucked out the day these two got married! The forecast was predicting snow pretty much all day, but all we saw were blue skies! I have to warn you, though–I had a very difficult time narrowing these down, so eventually I just thought, “Why bother!? I’ll just post a ton!” 🙂 Hope you enjoy them!

I loved this moment…

Check out Cassi’s boots! LOVE!

Again… loved the boots.

The elevator shot took two tries… It took us a bit to get centered and everything, and after holding the “door open” button for a while it started to buzz at us! In shock, dear Amy released the button, sending my bride and groom away. But the second time was much more successful! And thank you, Amy, for your ninja invisibility skills!

This is one of my favorite shots from the luncheon. I can’t remember what John was celebrating over, but it was fabulous!

All of Cassi’s brothers broke into the haka (the words were improvised…). So funny.

Thanks again, John and Cassi, for letting me share your special day with you!

Meridith’s Bridals

So… I thought I was on a role and then the in-laws came for a week. Zero productivity, basically–they are just too much fun. But what is Christmas for, if not to relax and be with family!? But anyhoo… Here is a bridal session of one of my favorite people! We grew up together and it was so much fun to see her all decked out as a bride! 🙂

Check out those eyes! Yeah. They’re really that blue. And gorgeous.

Playing around with some blue… Any comments?

Kathy. Bridals.

Man. How do I get so lucky? I’m tellin’ ya, I have the most gorgeous brides around! The morning of this shoot was pretty nasty, but we lucked out and had sunny skies for our entire session! Granted, a bit of cloud cover would have been nice, but hey–it wasn’t raining!



The bling!!!




How fun are these shoes!? I’m pretty sure I get the shoe bug every time I shoot bridals. I wanna go buy ME some cute shoes!! I just need a good excuse to tell the hubby… Any suggestions?? 🙂





How cool are those purple ball flower thingies in the background? Oh yeah! And check out that hot bride, too! 😉


I love how this one turned out. Yummy!




This one, I also love. Okay, so I love all the ones I post! (plus tons I don’t post…) But I have to give a huge shout out to Kathy’s mom for this last one. We were about to call it quits… It was getting pretty warm, and we’d gotten a bucketload of fantastic shots. That was when Kathy’s mom asked if we could get one of Kathy smelling some roses. BRILLIANT! So i set up the shot, and voila! Was she brilliant or what!? Oh, and I love how you can see her ring through the roses. *sigh*. Love it.


Thanks so much for the fun afternoon, and I can’t wait for your wedding in… A WEEK AND A HALF! Woohoo! Time is tickin’! 🙂

Lindsay. Need I say more?

Wow. Before I get started on this gorgeous bride, I have an announcement to make! After months and months of saving, I have finally upgraded my camera! And I LOVE it. Holy smokes. This was my first session I shot with my 5D and I couldn’t be more happy with it. This is also the first session during which I exclusively used my 50mm 1.8 lens. It stretched me a bit, because I had no zoom, but it sure delivered!

Mother Nature threatened to overthrow our bridal session. About 10 minutes before we were scheduled to meet at Thanksgiving Point, the sky opened up and oh boy did it rain! I had come from Orem, though, where the clouds had already passed through, so I was hoping it would move along in 15 or 20 minutes. Lindsay was convinced she just had rotten luck, because we had icky weather the day of their engagement shoot, too. But lo and behold–once she had changed into her dress, you couldn’t even tell it had rained!! The pavement was almost dry, the sun was shining, and the sky was partly cloudy. Thank you, Utah weather. So much for bad luck, huh? I’ll bet all y’all would agree with me when I say she couldn’t have picked a better day. Check these out!



Yes, her eyes are really that amazing in real life. No photoshopping here. Just blinding sun, right Lindsay??




So, I couldn’t decide on these next two. Literally. I was looking back and forth at the two of them, trying to decide whether I liked the landscape, or the portrait version better, and I failed to come to a conclusion. What do you guys think? Landscape or portrait?







Pretty sure I squealed when I saw this one (below) on my LCD. Holy stinkin’ smokes! Can you say bridal magazine? This girl is drop dead gorgeous.





Woohoo! Thanks for lookin’! Leave Lindsay some love in the comments, too!

Gorgeous girl… Gorgeous bride…

Wow. What a fantastic Friday afternoon this was! We had a bit of Friday the 13th bad luck though… One of the locations we were planning on hitting was closed. (poo poo.) But it all turned out okay, and really–with a girl this gorgeous ANY location would work!!




So much fun! So much personality! Love love love!






Oh yeah. Did I mention that she’s drop dead gorgeous!?


Teehee. Love love love it.



Oh yeah. Gorgeous. Check out those eyes! Mmmmm.



A funny moment… Had to be documented…


Thank you, thank you for a wonderful afternoon! 🙂