Reunion Activity Pictures::Volleyball and Pony Rides

My dad’s family is notorious for their volleyball skills. 🙂 I like to watch. Oh yeah. And take pictures.



This shot (below) is worthy of an explanation. That’s my brother-in-law spiking the ball, and the blocker in the yellow shirt is my little brother. My little brother blocked this spike with his face–and scored a point for his team in doing so. Holla. If I saw Mike getting ready to spike a volleyball in my direction looking that angry I would curl up in a little ball and cry! 🙂 Zach must be fearless.


Here’s Gregory wishing he was playing volleyball. He kept Grandpa’s hat safe, though–a very important job!




Some of the equipment was a little large…



This last image is one of my favorites from the whole reunion–THE STAREDOWN.


For all you Blackhams looking at these, if you would like your family picture(s) emailed to you, please comment and leave an email address, and let me know what you would like. (aka, just your smaller family, the big group picture, large family picture, horse pictures of your kids, etc.) I have tons of volleyball pictures that I didn’t put up here, but I put at least one shot of each of the kids I got on the pony rides. Just let me know what you’d like! If any of you want ALL the pictures, my mom is getting a disc ready to mail to Aunt Pam with all the pictures I took, and the ones that she took. I’m not exactly sure where it goes from there…

Say Hello…

…to the 4A High Jump State Champion! But oh yeah… he’s also my little brother. “Little” brother. Don’t worry. He’s 6’5″. He jumped 6’8″ to take the title. Here are some shots of him working his magic!




Yup. That last one was a clean jump. No wiggling of the bar there. You think I sound proud? You should have seen how my dad’s chest swelled when he took state. 🙂 These last two don’t do it justice, but I love them anyways.